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"I highly, highly recommend Scott as an immigration lawyer. I found through my experience that he is definitely someone you can trust. He is the type of lawyer that has your best interest at heart. Scott helped me with my work visa. Throughout the process he was very thorough; he would call and/or email requesting whatever additional information was needed. It felt like his office didn't mind putting the extra effort because they truly wanted to help me.. Thankfully his (and Gianina's) work paid off and my work visa was approved. (Yei!) I can't emphasize enough that Immigration Law Office of Los Angeles has a friendly staff, you can tell that you are dealing with good people who are really on your side. When I say this I refer to both Scott and Gianina. They are both positive people who made me feel like my case was their priority. Furthermore, I got the impression that they are truly trying to change the immigrant experience in this country for the best. Finally, my previous experience with an immigration lawyer had been that they gave me an initial quote of how much her services were going to cost and then when the whole process ended, she charged me triple of what she had said. Scott is NOT like that. He gave an initial fixed rate from the start and that is exactly what he charged at the end. I am thankful for his honesty and integrity. I truly don't have anything negative to say about Scott. I am thankful for his services and I hope he continues to help many immigrants like he helped me."
-- Daniela S. [on Google places]

"Scott is a very professional immigration attorney. He did a great job and he has a deep and complete knowledge of immigration law. Is fast and very efficient. He is very intelligent and know how to work successfully the cases..."
-- Monica C., an Immigration client [on Avvo].

"I would give then 10 stars if I could! Scott is A-M-A-Z-I-N-G to work with. We met him to do my green card through marriage application..."
-- Mayuri K. [on Google Places].

"Mr. McVarish helped me with my VAWA case. He did such an amazing job to help me go through the immigration process. Before I contacted Mr. McVarish, I called few other immigration lawyers. None of them were helpful and didn't make me feel comfortable hiring them. I'm so glad I found Mr. McVarish and hired him for my lawyer...."
-- an Immigration client [on Avvo].

"I am impressed and really happy with the attention and marvelous job Scott McVarish and his team have done in my case. It was so easy and quick!!! From the day my papers were filed to the day I got my green card were only 4 months. During all the process, they were in touch with me and explained everything with detail. He sees clients, like if they were family or friends. Very supportive and understanding. This is one of the best investments I have ever done in my life, hands down. My money and status were in his hands and he made it work!!! Totally trustworthy. Thank you Scoot and Immigration Law Office."
-- Carla R. [on Google Places].

"I am very thankful to have found attorney Scott McVarish ! He came to Colorado and took my husband out of ICE detention center. My husband and I hired an immigration attorney here in colorado who scammed us and took our money and submitted all the wrong paper work for my husband's case which resulted in my husband being picked up by ICE. The morning ICE took my husband I called several immigration attorney's here in colorado and no one gave me hope there answer was "pack your bags looks like your going to El Salvador" without even knowing my husband or his story that was the type of comments I received. I refused to give up I knew there was an immigration attorney out there somewhere who could help us and sure enough through a contact I had in california I found Mr. Scott McVarish and he gave my family and I "HOPE" and he was more than willing to listen to our story. Attorney Scott McVarish is kind , patient, caring and very proffesional and honest. Mr. McVarish was in contact with me everyday when my husband was being detained at ICE detention center reasuring me that my husband would be home soon. Two weeks later Mr. McVarish came to colorado and took my husband out of ICE detention center. I am so thankful and grateful I recommend attorney Scott McVarish to any one who is going through a difficult time with an immigration case! Mr. McVarish cares about his clients and does everything in his power to keep families together! Mr. McVarish has come to colorado to do a training educating families and community leaders and teachers on immigration issues and rights! I appreciate everything Mr. McVarish has done with my husbands case the road is long and at times difficult but I can truly say that it helps to know that someone like Mr. McVarish is on our side and doing everything possible to keep our family together. Attorney Scott McVarish is a Godsend. My family and I are forever grateful:)"
-- Silvia H. [on Google Places]


From a recent immigration case in Federal District Court where Mr. McVarish persuaded a Federal judge to halt a deportation for a new client as ICE was literally taking her to the airport to deport her:

"Mr. McVarish, I want to first commend you. I think you've done a wonderful job under very difficult circumstances getting all this information together…. I know it wasn't an easy feat and you're litigating in three different forums: Federal court, immigration administrative proceedings and state court. You are to be commended for it…. Based on the evidence that has been so zealously gathered by Mr. McVarish… she is going to succeed on her claims… she's a free woman."
-- Federal District Court Judge:

"I want to begin by echoing what this court has said about Mr. McVarish's representation. I have dealt with many counsel representing individuals in these types of situations, and Mr. McVaish's zeal for his client's interest is perhaps unparalleled."
-- Senior Immigration Prosecutor from Washington D.C.

"When more than six lawyers told me that I cannot get my residency here because I needed to back to my country and wait there for ten years, he gave me a solution to my case. I just got my green card couple weeks ago. It was the first case that USCIs in San Bernardino approved. He made possible what for others was impossible. He is the best lawyer!!!!! I am very thankful to God and to my lawyer Scott because I am free. I can start a new life of freedom in this wonderful country."
-- Kathy T. [on Avvo.com]

"Scott McVarish is a great Attorney, very efficient and knowledgeable. He is very honest and has an impeccable reputation. He is prompt in returning calls and answering emails, he always keeps you informed of everything he does, step by step. Scott establishes trust and confidence immediately. I strongly recommend him, to anyone interested in the best immigration lawyer in Los Angeles."
-- Imani M. [on Yelp.com].

"Attorney Scott McVarish was a real angel who saved me, I was about to be deported with a very difficult case to win but he never gave up, with his professionalism, and his human quality he fought my case and now my family and I are forever grateful because of Scott we are back together forever."
-- Christina M., Downey [on Avvo.com]

Scott is an excellent lawyer and my family and I recommend him to anyone who may be struggling to sort out their legal status in the USA...
-- Yvonne M. [on Google+]

Scott McVarish and the Immigration Law Offices of Los Angeles were extremely helpful in getting my now wife her Fiancé visa. Scott met with us and asked us a few questions to fully understand our situation, he was great listener and he truly sounded like he was there to help us out. The USCIS asks for a lot of requirements and don’t explain the process in great detail, it was really nice knowing that Scott was there to make the process a lot easier. His staff was extremely professional and answered all of our concerns quickly. I would recommend the Immigration Law Offices of Los Angeles to anyone who’s trying to get through the immigration process with ease.
-- Octavio B. [on Google+]

Scott is an amazing, trust worthy and responsible attorney committed to immigrant rights. Through his office I was able to apply and be approved for my deferred action. As an organizer for immigrant rights it is refreshing to come across an attorney who is trustworthy and respectful.His office is also extremely welcoming and his staff is fast in responding to posed questions and concerns. When I am asked by friends and family for referrals on a good immigration attorney I refer them to Scott because I know his commitment and dedication to immigrant rights.
-- Nancy M. [on Google+]

“I was very fortunate to come across and hire attorney Scott McVarish to represent my sister on an extremely difficult deportation case. Mr. McVarish is a very caring, honest, knowledgeable, and professional attorney. He quickly gained our confidence and trust. Mr. McVarish worked diligently to help my sister get out of detention and stop the deportation process. All throughout his work, he kept me informed in a very detailed manner of all the steps that were being undertaken. All the pros and cons in the decision making process were explored. Mr. McVarish’s extensive knowledge in immigration law is impressive. He was prepared to meet and overcame all challenges presented before him. His excellent job in handling the deportation case led us to trusting him with re-opening the criminal case that led to my sister’s deportation proceedings. He quickly had my sister’s criminal conviction overturned due to Ineffective Assistance of Council by her prior attorneys. Once the criminal conviction was overturned, Mr. McVarish filed a Motion to reopen with the Board of Immigration Appeals (BIA). Thanks to Mr. McVarish’s success with the Federal and Criminal courts, the BIA agreed to reopen the case and terminated the proceedings against my sister. Although it was a difficult case, Mr. McVarish resolved all of my sister’s legal matters in a few months. All that is left to do now is renew her Green Card (Legal Permanent Resident) and apply for her United States Citizenship. My family would like to thank Scott McVarish from the bottom of our hearts for the marvelous job he has done and continuous to do in my sister case. Mr. McVarish is not only a great attorney, but a compassionate human being.”
-- Imani S. [on Avvo.com]

"Scott is an excellent immigration attorney. When I contracted him as my attorney, he worried about me and he was very honest and he explained all of the details about process of my case. He was specific and he resolved all of my doubts. Without a doubt Scott McVarish is an expert in immigration law. Since Scott McVarish helped me on my case, my life changed, a change of prosperity and success. He is a man worthy of admiration.. Thank you Scott McVarish!!!"
-- Mynor Z. [on Google places]

Scott Mcvarish and his team are INCREDIBLY the BEST. Since the day I stepped into their office,they were really helpful and professional. They let you know with certainty if your case has a chance to be a success or not. I absolutely love their communication skills,they NEVER kept me in the dark...As soon as they have news,they relay them to you. If I were to choose, whether to go to another immigration office, or this one I will (With no Doubt) come back here. Scott and his team are the Best. In a scale of 1-10 they're an 11!! Thanks To Scott and his team I can finally work legally!
-- Itzel R [on Yelp]

"Scott McVarish and his team are the best, I'm very thankful to god, for having a great attorney on my side to helping me going to thru my process with immigration, if i had a question Scott McVarish and Gianina were there to help me out, they always keep me updated on anything new or if somethimg come up on my case, they are very optimistic and very honest with me, i can siad that he put his 100% on the cases the he works on, I think my case it was very difficult, I check on other attorneys and they were not giving me any hope, when i talk to Scott McVarish and Gianina they make me feel there it was hope, plus I got a feeling of trust on them, now thanks to them my case come up good, I got my work permit and im not getting deported thanks to Scott McVarish and staff, Thank you Scott McVarish and Gianina god bless you."
-- Samuel V. [on Google+]

"Scott McVarish is one of the best immigration attorney in southern California Area. Since 2006 I was trying to become an US citizen, but every immigration attorney that I visited made sound the case like the End of the world. Well I applied for the USA Citizenship in Late October 2012 with Mr. Scott McVarish. Not even 4 month I was swearing in Pomona, CA. Again I recommend 100% Scott McVarish as an Immigration attorney. Thanks Scott!!!!"
-- Hugo O. [on Yelp.com]

“I am a criminal defense lawyer specializing in post-conviction relief for immigrants. In my line of practice it is critical that my clients are also represented by excellent immigration attorneys who can defend them against removal in the Immigration Court. I have had the opportunity to work with dozens and dozens of immigration attorneys in the LA area and throughout the United States. Scott is among the very best I ever worked with, certainly top 3 or 4. His knowledge of immigration law, dedication to his clients and integrity are of highest caliber. I endorse Scott whole-heartedly. I would go into the trenches with him any time.”
-- Jacek L [on Avvo.com]

"Thanks Scott for taking me out of the claws of broken immigration system. We serve a God of Justice, The battle is not over yet, But with God on our side, what can stand against us?. Thank God for you, and for helping me come out clean before God and my family. I have done a lots of repentence and forgiveness like never before. It took a righteous man to make me see how ugly time and ignorance can corroded a human soul. I'm forever thankful for you coming over to Denver."
-- Luis H., Denver [on Facebook.com]

“Scott is a fearless, creative, and zealous lawyer. He does not shy away from the difficult, complex cases that other lawyers may avoid. I would wholeheartedly recommend him to anyone needing a flexible and passionate advocate.”
-- Rosy C. San Francisco [on Avvo.com]

"I had to renew my Greencard but I knew better to have an attorney help. Thank god! On a scale one to ten, I would have to say 10 on Scott's office service. Because these immigration cases are supposed to be a simple matter but to us who are not attorneys can be very frustrating. And Scott was invery good about communication and keeping it very light through the whole process, which helped so much. They did all of the paper work for me and handled a few rejects that were stupid rejects from the INS offices and it was a done deal. Very much worth it to have them do your immigration legal stuff for you so you don't sweat it. Go for it!"
-- Jess D. [on Yelp.com]

“I endorse this lawyer 100%. He is not only a savvy attorney but inspires everyone around him to help those under-represented. He is a true advocate for immigrants that do not have a voice. He educates and travels the world to fight injustice. He is fluent in multiple languages and has a great understanding of foreign cultures and world politics.”
-- Erika R. [on Avvo.com]

"Attorney McVarish is dedicated to his client's needs. As an immigration attorney he is active in the community and involved in immigration issues. His experience and commitment are a unique quality as he assists clients through the complexities of immigration. When I have a client in need of an immigration attorney, Scott is my referral."
-- Attorney Maltaise C., Orange County [on Avvo.com]

"Lawyer Scott got me a U Visa. I was hurt by someone and another lawyer took my money but nothing happened. I waited for a long time. Scott worked with a sheriff and the hospital and gathered records. He applied, told me not to worry. Four months later I had my work permit and the U visa. My life changed, finally good."
-- Jason H. [on Google Places]

"Scott, I want you to know how much I appreciate your work on my behalf… your action made all the difference in the world in my life and in the lives of countless others. I have received well-wishes from all over the nation for the win."
-- James M, Kern County

"McVarish is a brilliant, dedicated professional."
-- Lavonne. M., Los Angeles County

"Scott is a brilliant attorney that understands the need to not only fully understand clients needs but also put forth innovative solutions to challenging complex problems–Scott creates opportunities through his services in the legal areas he focuses on."
-- Daniel O. Orange County [on LinkedIn.com]

"Scott was organized, well-informed and extremely knowledgeable regarding the law and its implications…besides all that, he is personable and wonderful to work with."
-- Marilyn K., Los Angeles County

"Mr. McVarish has an intellect that is unparalleled…he is a consummate professional… and an excellent and engaging communicator."
-- Steven K., Los Angeles County

"Scott is scary smart, has an excellent understanding of the law, is extremely organized and is a great motivator of people. It doesn't hurt that he can talk his way out of a paper bag! He has a very strong work ethic. A great person to have on your side. I would recommend him highly."
-- Ondine F [on LinkedIn.com]

"Thanks for yesterday! I know it's all part of the process but you've done an amazing job. The people that you are working with seem to be "top-notch" which is extremely comforting and appreciated. Thanks again for your time! Blessings!"
-- Trimeka S.

"We will never forget what you did for us…"
-- Lynn R., Los Angeles County

"Scott, you are amazing! You are working so hard and doing such a great job!!!! Thank you for everything."
-- Cara. C., Los Angeles County

"You were awesome on Thursday. It's nice to also like the person who is my advocate and I like you."
-- Alta K., Riverside County

"We're very lucky to have such an energetic and dedicated advocate as you."
-- Mary M. Los Angeles County

"Scott came to a class I was leading on "The Immigration and the Bible" and shared an hour of compelling narratives of immigrants' lives that were changed through his practice. A compassionate and knowledgeable lawyer is pertinent to an undocumented person's outcome. Scott is that lawyer. He really knows the law and has the experience added to his passion and commitment to help his clients."
-- Kirsten O. [on Google Places]

"Congratulations on a job well done…"
-- Henry P., Immigration Attorney from Orange County

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